Saturday, August 19, 2006

An Outing

Yesterday we took the Keystone ferry to Port Townsend, always a beautiful trip. As we sat on the ferry waiting for it to leave, I noticed that there was a cluster of blue herons sitting on the pilings just next to the ferry, shivering in the foggy morning air. I snapped several photos of them, and as the ferry pulled away I could see that they have a nest right there. Perhaps the two smaller herons are the babies (teen-agers), since they seemed lighter in color, smaller, and more shivery than the older one standing behind them.
We spent the morning with our friend Shane, having breakfast at our favorite Sweet Laurette's, and then looking at the incredibly crafted jewelry and metal boxes that Shane is making. Then she dropped us off at our friends Roger and Robin Andrea (New Dharma Bums) for the afternoon. We had an informal picnic, and then rode off on e-bikes to a beautiful trail that goes along the edge of the cliffs above Puget Sound, and eventually down to a beach there. We sat and talked next to the water, and then hiked out and rode the e-bikes back to their house. We were back at Whidbey Island in time to celebrate our friend Pamela's birthday last evening with some cake and berries. A wonderful day!

Here is Robin Andrea in a characteristic pose, camera in hand, watching birds, with the city of Port Townsend behind her in the distance.


robin andrea said...

I love the heron photos in the fog. Each photo has so many shades of grey. Beautiful and atmospheric. Very cool. And, hey, that's me! I like it. It was great spending the afternoon with you. We had a delightful time.

DivaJood said...

Here is proof that birds have a sense of humor - nothing like post-sitting, eh?

And the heron photos are gorgeous - really lovely images.

pohanginapete said...

I agree with RA and DJ: the heron photos are marvellous, particularly the second. The eyes on those birds... as if they've been doing something fun and illegal.

Hanging out with the Bums. Nice.

Endment said...

You have told a wonderful story with your photos - thanks

The Fat Lady Sings said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful. What a wonderful time you are having! Such beauty. I actually love cloudy, foggy days. I find them romantic. It's one of the main reasons I miss living by the sea - that cool, misty weather that always seems to crop up in the early fall. Here - temps are still in the 90's and its dry as a bone. Clouds, yes; but no rain. Fog - but it has an oily feel to it. Makes me yearn for the Pacific Northwest.

Linstilllife said...

how wonderful. I love these images!