Monday, August 28, 2006

Jump for Joy!

For a dinky little island, Whidbey has a cutting-edge athletic facility, the Island Athletic Club. Their indoor salt-water pool has a glass ceiling that rolls open to the sky when the weather allows it. The very first thing I did when I arrived here was to get a temporary membership so that I could participate in water aerobics. I think I've been to water aerobics 6 days a week since I've been here, and it has become one of the things I most look forward to, and something I'll miss so much when we leave. Our teachers are terrific, and give us a great workout. One of them, after our final stretches, has us crouch down in the water and then shoot out in a huge 'Jump for Joy'. This morning I realized that for me, these water exercise classes are truly about jumping for joy, feeling the happiness bubbling up and out, reveling in the sensation of floating. I'm in bliss, for sure!


The Fat Lady Sings said...

You make it sound like heaven, my dear. What a perfect sanctuary for both body and soul. I miss swimming. I haven't lived anyplace where it would be convenient in about 20 years. I used to compete in synchronized swimming events when I was a kid. And I used to make a habit of swimming out to the pier at Capitola on a regular basis. Currents - I know. But I was careful. I'd swim out and then do laps parallel to the beach, allowing the wave action to bring me in. I do so miss living near the sea!

robin andrea said...

It does sound like a great way to spend time in your own body. I love the paintings you chose to accompany this post. They capture some element of that bliss you so beautifully describe.