Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Blue Mountains, Day 1

It's about a 2 hour drive from Sydney to get to where we are now, in the spectacular Blue Mountains. I've heard about them for years, but today was our first glimpse of why they are so famous and beloved here. Anthea's friend, Richard, lives up here in a beautiful home with a detached guest cottage which he kindly offered to us. Sweet! Just the view from the cottage is heart-stopping.

I had no idea, but this area is Australia's equivalent to the Grand Canyon. There are canyons and gorges and rolling valleys everywhere. Richard took us on several astounding short hikes throughout the day: Pulpit Rock, Zig Zag Trail, Faeries Lookdown, and another name I can't remember. Several involved walking down narrow, zig-zag trails along the cliff faces. My adrenaline was surging as I clung to the walls and prayed not to slip! The views were phenomenal, and the lovely gum tree vegetation was too. The air is filled with fresh herbal aromas. Birds everywhere, calling loudly from treetops. I think that photos say it all. What an amazing day!

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Location:Mount Victoria, Australia

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