Saturday, September 27, 2014

Party Pies, VB, and the Grand Nationals

We spent a day in Melbourne pretty much out and about the streets, gathering supplies for the upcoming class in Geelong. Janette generously took us all over the place, and she knew just where to find everything we needed. We love the edgy and playful neighborhoods around Fitzroy.

On Friday evening we met our friends Mark and Daina for a little get-together at a place called Naked for Satan, a trendy rooftop bar that we could walk to. Later, Janette cooked us yet another scrumptious dinner (leg of lamb) and gave us the most amazing gift. She sat down at her piano and sang for us. Her exquisite voice filled the room and touched us deeply with its beauty and power. She has always been a musician and an opera singer, yet this was our first time hearing that voice. We hope it is not the last!

Yesterday morning (Saturday) we walked to the Rose Street Art Market in Fitzroy, where lots of local artists sell their wares each week. The streets of Melbourne were swarming with "footie" fans, decked out in either red and white ( for the Sydney Swans) or in gold and black (for the Melbourne Hawks.). In fact this was one of two huge sports days on the Australian calendar, the Grand Nationals. Everybody was stocking up on beer and baked goods for home viewing parties, while others were heading off to the stadium for the big game.

After lunch we said farewell to our darling Janette and were picked up by Sue, another great friend from our last trip to Melbourne. Sue and Bernie are hosting us now, and will drive us to Geelong on Sunday, bless them!! When we got to their place, the big game had just begun, so we all sat down to watch. They wanted us to have an authentic "footie" experience, so they served us Party Pies and VB. These were small, individual meat pies and Victoria Bitter beer.

The football was nothing like ours. It was fast moving and rough. There are 18 players on each side and they wear no protective gear, no helmets, just shorts and tank tops. The Hawks beat the Swans by a resounding 127 to 72, so there is a lot of scoring. Consider us initiated even more into life in Australia!

Bernie and I took a beautiful walk along the Yarra River, and we came home to a super Middle Eastern dinner prepared by Sue, whose great cooking we remembered well from last time here. These two are so kind and generous to us and we always love being with them. We had lots of great conversation before falling into bed!

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Location:Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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