Saturday, September 20, 2014

Exploring Tasmania

We're commencing our third day in Tasmania, mostly without any internet access. But I hopeful that somewhere in our wandering we will stumble on an Internet cafe! Hope springs eternal.

On the morning before we left Sydney we had one last hour-long walk through a neighborhood that featured a long, green gully with a creek racing through it, and many foot and bike trails along its length. It was a beautiful morning, and Anthea led us along this trail where we enjoyed flocks of wild parrots and beautiful gum trees and spring flowers. It was very sad to say goodby to her after so many wonderful days together, and we miss her keenly now.

Our friend Margaret met us at the tiny Hobart airport and drove us right to her town home in Hobart. She had described this place as a tiny cottage on the outskirts of town (a one-hour walk to downtown) and as rustic. Instead we are staying in a beautiful and artistic home in a lovely neighborhood in the Eastern part of the city. Buses operate all day long (we have yet to take one) and there are markets and restaurants within a couple of blocks of us. There are two fireplaces and the pantry is stocked with great things. We had lunch nearby and then M drove us into downtown Sydney for a walkabout near the waterfront, and to orient us to what is there. It's a beautiful small city, feels quite European, and it is dominated by the immense waterfront area, and then surround by hills and Mt. Wellington at the back of the city, swelling into the clouds. We look out the front door of our "cottage" and see the mountain, often wreathed in clouds, but once in awhile in full, sparkling view.

That evening we had a delicious Thai meal at a small cafe, Ivory, on Elizabeth St. and then fell into our cozy bed and slept like logs, in large part thanks to an electric blanket! It is chilly here, daytime temps in 50s and maybe low 60s in sunshine, and we have learned to "rug up" meaning wear very warm clothes!

We are appreciating the Tassie sense of humor. For example a huge sign around a construction site reads "Quiet please. Builders at work. Watch your language! Keep it clean now."

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Location:Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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