Saturday, September 13, 2014

Kookaburras in Crows Nest

We are staying this week at the home of our dear friend, Anthea, in Crows Nest, an area in North Sydney. One of my favorite things about Australia is the ringing, lusty sound of birds calling from the gum trees. The bird voices are loud and melodic and unlike any bird I've ever heard in the States. The magpies are particularly musical. Wild cockatoos are screeching all around us. And last night we arrived home and a gang of three laughing kookaburras were having a raucous time in a tree just outside. I love all this bird sound and look forward to much more as we travel.

Crows Nest is the name of the high basket on the mast of ships where sailors in times past climbed up to keep watch. This suburb sits up at the top of Sydney, actually has some hills, and is a very charming and lively neighborhood. We love the stylish simplicity of Anthea's home, a little Japanese-feeling in style with beautiful stone walls around her garden.

The last two days Daniella taught a class for 9 lucky women at a place called Reverse Garbage. This is part of a large community center and includes a huge store where things are brought from the dump (and donated too) to be recycled and reused. It is the Goodwill Bargain Barn rolled in with Recycled Construction, on steroids. The idea was that students would shop there for inspiring bits and pieces to then incorporate into art. This can be a fun undertaking.

The first day of class was challenging for a variety of reasons.
But yesterday, the second day of class, was free of kinks. Everyone had success, loved the class, and made interesting work. The weather was lovely. We got to know some fantastic women! And, we cleaned up and were out of there in record time, then home to some well-earned wine and scrumptious nibbles with Anthea and another beloved friend, Verity.

Today is Sunday in Oz (you slackers in the US are still in Saturday!). It is a day off to rest, regroup, and explore. Tonight we have a party planned with some of our favorite Sydney people at the famous Mr. Wong's.

More soon!

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