Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Lucky Girls Club, Tasmanian Chapter!

On our last morning in Hobart, Margaret arranged a special treat for us. She took us to Dodges Ferry, on the Tasman Peninsula, to meet two vibrant and gorgeous women artist friends, Desiree and Gwen. Desi is Margaret's closest friend, whom we had heard about for days. Gwen is a well-known artist whose work we had seen at the Museum in Hobart.

Desi's home and gardens were exquisite. Great light and views out to the Bay, everything white with colorful paintings popping off the walls, magical garden, a feeling of sanctuary everywhere on her land. Best of all was the love-at-first-sight we felt with these joyous, creative, wild and amazing women! Our visit was short but unforgettable and we agreed that we were all in the Lucky Girls Club! And vowed that we will meet again for more fun. We had to tear ourselves away to get to the airport and fly to Melbourne for the next episode of our adventure.

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Location:Hobart, Tasmania

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