Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Cremorne Point stroll in Sydney

We flew in to Sydney this morning (Wednesday here already -so weird to miss an entire day by crossing datelines.). Our Air New Zealand flight was comfortable and easy. We actually slept for a lot of the flight in part because it was a red-eye and also thanks to a the wonder of drugs, in this case an over-the-counter sleeping pill that knocks us out cold.

Our friend Anthea met us at the airport and has been taking us around all day. This afternoon we got a long walk in the Cremorne Point reserve, a walking loop that wraps around a lovely cove with stunning views back to the city skyline.

The Opera House and harbor Bridge sparkled in the afternoon sunlight.

Our pathway was lined with magical trees

Great harbor views

And the beautiful sounds of bird calls that we never hear at home.

Now we are trying to stay awake until 9 pm so we can get onto something of a normal schedule on Australian time.

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Location:Sydney, AU

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