Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Keeping Busy Day & Night at Geelong Grammar

There are 130 people participating in this TAFTA Fiber Arts Forum where Daniella is teaching. In addition there are about a dozen fiber arts teachers from around the world. Teaching happens all day. Then late afternoons the teachers take turns giving talks about their work and their lives (usually two a day). Then there is dinner, and most every night some event going on.

The first night it was a raffle and "garage sale" where artists brought tons of art supplies, fabrics, and art books to sell to others. On Monday there as an art gallery opening with a show featuring the artwork of all the teachers who are here.

Tonight there was a film, about WOW, New Zealand's annual fashion art extravaganza, that knocked our schlumpy socks off. Tomorrow night it will be something else. Rest? Forget about it.

There are vendors here selling all kinds of stuff: yarn, thread, fabric, felting materials, clothing, woolens, sweaters, books, tools, you name it. If it is relate to fiber arts, they've got it here.

One of the huge treats is that one of Daniella's favorite artists, Dorothy Caldwell, is teaching here too, in a room right next to ours, and staying across the hallway. So we get to visit with her throughout the day. She is pictured above with Daniella. The next photo is one of her art works. The last one shows her students stitching blindfolded this afternoon. What a lovely person and great teacher.

Very tired now. Going to end this for tonight.

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Gayle Ortiz said...

Love this post, Kim! I'm getting a vicarious thrill from your reports of this trip.

This forum sounds like it might have to go on my bucket list!