Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Salamanca Market

On Saturday we visited the famous Salamanca Market, a sprawling outdoor event in downtown Hobart. While there are a few produce vendors there, it's mostly a venue for artists and craftsmen and wine and cheese makers and confectioners and street performers, and an outlet for the wild creativity and abundance of Tasmanians. It was thoroughly enjoyable and we spent many hours there (it's huge!). We took a luxurious lunch break at Smolts where we ate seafood stew, paella, and had some excellent Tassie wines. The seafood in this town is unparalleled, clean, delicious, right out of the Southern Ocean. Yum!

Later in the afternoon we went to the cinema (they don't use "movies" here) and saw Boyhood. Tickets were $18 per person for a matinee, which is in line with how extremely expensive everything is here and also in Sydney. We are often shocked at prices. I guess people here make a lot more money than we do!

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Location:Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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