Monday, October 17, 2011

Flea Market, Art, and a Dinner Party

On Saturday morning Kerstin took us into town to explore the Hamburg flea market, a bustling street scene that sprawls throughout one area of the city. She knows that we have a Saturday yard-sale habit, and wanted to make us feel at home. It was fun to see all the junk they have for sale here. Somebody had one of those old-fashioned photo booths where you squeeze into the booth together, pull the curtain shut, then drop your coin into the slot and wait to make crazy faces together. We three squeezed in together for this strip of fun photos.

We had lunch in the meat-packing area in a place called the Bulleria, where there is a floor to ceiling window from the restaurant floor into the meat locker, where hangs a half-carcass of a huge pig, along with some other choice cuts of meat! I ordered some chicken dish, roasted in a casserole, and it was something like a stew of chicken, vegetables, and huge chunks of salt-pork in a soupy broth. Pretty good, if a little fat for my tastes.

After lunch we visited the studio of a a lovely artist friend of Kerstin's, Tita de Rogo Silva. She makes wood blocks and then prints the most whimsical and magical art, huge pieces about 14 feet tall! I think any child would be enchanted by them, and they are very fabulous for adults too.

We came home at about 4 pm to prepare for a dinner party. Heinz had done all the shopping, and Kerstin set a gorgeous table. They kindly invited a group of friends who all agreed to speak English for the evening. There were three doctors, two attorneys, and us, feasting on salad, goulash, and noodles, with a great trifle dessert prepared by Kerstin. The champagne flowed freely, along with many beautiful wines. Heinz keeps a great wine cellar, and he jokes that we will start the evening with a "Golf"' then move on to a "Mercedes" and often we end up with a "Rolls Royce" or a "Bentley" from his cellar. He is a magnetic and charming host who makes sure that everyone feels comfortable, cared for, and appreciated, punctuating the evening with many heartfelt toasts. This memorable party went until 1 am, with much laughter and good conversation.

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Location:Hamburg, Germany

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