Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pepper Pot

 Many of you know that our little Zuma never goes on a walk anymore (for the last several years) without her stylish Italian muzzle.  This makes her look like a vicious killer, but it is really about food.  Left to her own devices, she eats every edible morsel on the sidewalks and beyond, and in our neighborhood, with a junior high school and high school all within a couple of blocks, that can be a major issue.  The streets abound with pizza crusts, twinkies, chips, chewed gum, spilled popcorn, discarded sandwiches, and so much more, when school is on.  A few years ago we had a MAJOR vet bill when Zuma's appetites nearly took her out.  Since then we've been extra careful.

But last night we went to Bookshop SC to hear a wonderful author (Donia Bijan) talk about her delicious new book (Maman's Homesick Pie), about growing up in a Persian household and ultimately becoming a professional chef.  When we came home, we noticed immediately that the lovely arrangement of gorgeous fall peppers that had been in the center of our dining room table was completely trashed.  Chewed up peppers were everywhere, and literally every single pepper had been tasted.  Some had been mostly devoured!  We knew immediately that Zuma had taken advantage of being un-muzzled. Peppers!  Who knew??!  All I can say is that when we go on our walk this morning, I'm taking two plastic baggies, just to be on the safe side!

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