Sunday, October 02, 2011

Off and Running

Today we are off on our next adventure, flying to Rome via a stopover in Madrid (Iberia Airlines). Daniella will teach a class in Puglia, Italy, down in the heel of the boot near Bari. The last week has been a scramble of getting the house ready to leave with friends, thinking of what to pack, and taking care of the blizzard of "to-do's" on my lists. I've been like that old lady on YouTube who wanders from one room to another, getting distracted by everything and then forgetting what she was doing just a minute ago. In the end, we got out the door, but who knows what we forgot!

We tried something new, stayed at one of those park-sleep-fly hotels near the airport where, for the price of a cheap room you can leave your car for the duration of your trip. It was very restful to do that, since we fly out at 7:30 am, and return quite late on the 19th. We didn't have to ask any of our loved ones to give up sleep and drive us over the hill.

Internet may be spotty (at best) in Puglia, but I will post when I can. Arrivederci!

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Location:San Jose Mineta Airport

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