Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Day in the Life, Part III

A highlight of this village visit was a visit to the local school, one that is supported by the Grand Circle Foundation (affiliated with OAT, our tour company). Here a group of adorable kindergarteners paired up with us and took us, hand-in-hand, into their classroom. They did some math for us, sang songs, and then we took a turn entertaining them. This part was sensational, thanks in large part to the presence of several teachers in our group, and then the comic genius of our dar friend, nurse/clown Patty Wooten, who wowed everyone by donning a clown hat and nose and performing a few magic tricks. Soon she had all of us Wild Oats in clown noses too, and all the kids had red nose stickers on. Here are the results! We all brought some gifts for this classroom (art supplies, books, etc), and we also gave Pizza My Heart T-shirts to our lunch hosts!

Speaking of Patty Wooten, she is also posting a superb blog about our travels. You can see it here:

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Location:Tin Keow Village, Laos

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