Saturday, January 18, 2014

An Evening in Saigon

I left off writing before if had a chance to describe our evening out in Saigon. First was a show of Vietnamese water puppets. The puppeteers stand behind a bamboo screen in waist deep water and operate these charming puppets using underwater wooden poles. A small musical orchestra accompanies them with odd, very strange-to-our-ears music. I've heard about these puppets for years, so it was fun to see them. I wished I had Desmond and Elliette on my lap!

We then went on to dinner at a "culinary academy" where we "helped" prepare our meal. Translation, they taught us how to chop up ginger and scallions using four small cleavers at a time, a skill I'm pretty sure I'll never use, but we had a lot of laughs and a delicious dinner. The green glass was our "fruit cocktail dessert."

Outside we all climbed into individual rickshaws for a ride back to our hotel. As I mentioned earlier, the streets are wildly lit up one for the upcoming Year of the Horse celebrations, so it was fun seeing that from an open rickshaws, a much slower and more relaxing mode of transport than the scooters.

I was worn out and so I came in to sleep. Others went on for drinks at the Top of the Rex, the fanciest hotel in downtown. Thanks to Lada for some of these photos.

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Location:Đường Tân Lộ Kiều Lương,,Vietnam

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barb cabot said...

What a great adventure you all are sharing. I love that you are taking us along. Thank you Kim.