Thursday, January 30, 2014

But Wait, There's More!

Ha ha, and you thought our day was over. Not so fast! I have to tell you that dinner tonight was "on our own ", meaning not covered on the tour. Lada asked around and we walked out from our hotel, which seems to be in East Chiang Mai, an East End working class neighborhood. Daniella and I checked it out this morning on our walk. Tonight we went to "a new barbecue place"about a 10 minute walk away. Here was a huge, crowded open air buffet style place.

Each table had a hole in the middle where a bucket of hot coals was inserted. On top of that was a domed brazier with a moat around it, basically.

In the center of the room was a long buffet line, and everything was raw. First raw veggies , then raw meats and seafood and things we have no idea about , organ meats, chicken feet, tripe, some very bloody meat, and huge lumps of pork fat to grease the grill.

How it worked was that all meals cost 159 baht (about $5). You walk around and pick out plates full of raw food and then come cook it at the table, meat on the raised grill and veggies and noodles in broth in the moat. It was definitely "the Real Deal", not another tourist in sight. And it was delicious, a little scary, and worth the risk!

So now to sleep, tomorrow afternoon we fly back to Bangkok, and then our journey will end. Sad!!
But still time for a few more adventures!

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Location:Soi Ku Tao 1,Chiang Mai,Thailand

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