Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Today we are off on a new adventure to South East Asia. The days of preparation are now behind us. In many ways the last few days have felt like being tossed in a front-loader dryer – spinning, bumping, and trying to get my footing. We’ve had our fair share of very welcome and wonderful house guests and drop-by visitors. There were two plumbing emergencies, one involving a small waterfall leading into a lake under the kitchen sink, and the second a complete loss of hot water, just a few hours ago. Our heroic plumber, Mark Alexander, rallied to the rescue both times and as of this morning everything is up and running (or perhaps I should say dry and warm). Last night our divine house-pet-sitter went to settle into her room, only to find that she was wildly allergic to most of the bedding on her bed (down!), so at 9:30 pm we were scrambling to replace it all with non-allergenics (not a problem in this textile-loving household), and air out the room. The icing on the cake was that my iPhone went totally dead at about 8 pm last night. Now this is my lifeline, my camera, my contact list, my face-time to the grandchildren, something I really don’t care to contemplate doing without for a month. Several attempts to resuscitate it using iTunes came to naught, and then I restarted everything and tried one last time. Voila! It came to life, but I had to reset everything to original settings, thus losing all my specialized settings and who knows what else. But it works, that’s all that counts! I hope the universe is not sending me a message, that’s all.

Now it is time to go. At 8 am we shuttle up to SF to fly to Bangkok for the first leg of this adventure. We are a group of 15 Santa Cruz people (well one has moved one), and have the great advantage of already knowing each other! What an adventure we have ahead. I’ll blog as best I can, and share a few photos every day. Fingers crossed!


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