Saturday, January 25, 2014

Thai Floating Market

Further down the road we went to a fabulous floating market. This one was also huge and on several intersecting canals coming off a river. Food sellers cooked and sold food out of narrow boats. If you wanted something they prepared it and then attached it to a basket at the tip of a very long bamboo pole. Then they moved the food to you, standing in land, and you put payment into the basket. In true OAT style, we had lots of "learning and discovery" today and we sampled our way through this market, eating sticky rice with mangoes, coconut dumplings, bananas deep fried in coconut, fried fish, and so much more! Yum.

All around these canals were market stalls selling clothing, jewelry, textiles, shoes, souvenirs. Patty bought a fabulous pair of very blingy red sandals. They'll be perfect with her red nose!

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