Monday, January 13, 2014

Up the Mekong, Part 2

The crew of the river boat prepared a delicious lunch for us. Our local guide, La, gave us lots of history about the area. He is an endearing young man who sings John Denver's Country Roads several times a day ( he has a beautiful voice). Our group is so compatible and playful that we all feel as if we have fallen under a magic spell. We laugh together so many times a day, truly until tears are running down our faces. La joins the mirth wholeheartedly. Our hotel is near the Puh Si market, and so the big joke is that La herds us up saying "time to go back to Pussy Mountain" and then he and we double over!

Next stop of the boat trip was at an Elephant Camp, something not on our agenda but deeply desired by some group members. Here five people got to ride elephants out into the teak forests, while the rest of us stayed behind and played with the elephants. Those of us staying for the post-trip will have more chances to ride elephants.

Finally we made one last stop at a little riverside village where they make rice whiskey in a still. We all had a taste - delicious.

I'd need a month to begin to describe the picturesque villages we have visited , the babies, puppies, roosters, handicrafts on display, amazing homes and tools, all of life displayed for our amazement. People are friendly, open and welcoming. Loving every minute!

Stay tuned for The Real Deal.

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