Saturday, January 25, 2014

Glam ping in Hellfire Canyon!

Surprise! We're camping in tents. Or we should call it "glamping" cuz it's so glamorous. Honestly I had no idea. We were flabbergasted and delighted to drive down into a deep canyon surrounded by mountains. Here is our home for the next 2 nights.

It is 100 steps down to the riverside swimming pool. Each cabin has a bathroom, wifi, and electric lights. We slept in silence except for the sound of insects and birds. And now the roosters crowing us awake! Get up, get up they are saying. You've got
more big adventures today. A hike, tigers and surely more great Thai food. Last night we walked through the dark paths to a nearby village for one if the best meals of the trip so far, home cooked by a powerful Thai grandma, political leader, and feminist who sat with us and chatted into the night. This is good stuff!

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barb cabot said...

What an amazing setting. Love your posts.