Saturday, January 18, 2014

Across the Mekong Delta

Today was a long driving day, from Saigon across the Mekong Delta to the Cambodian border, where we are staying for one night, in a government run hotel, Communist style. It is surprisingly comfy and we are told that a great breakfast lies just ahead. It was a beautiful drive, with many stops along the way. We visited a small, home incense factory.

And we stopped at a brick kiln in a small village, where they still make bricks by ancient methods. Patty created a sensation here by putting on her clown nose and handing out stickers and candy to the dozens of mill children who swarmed around her.

We saw flower farms and blooming lotus fields and luscious green rice paddies. We had language lessons, sampled local delicacies along the way.

When we stopped for lunch, there was another wedding going on, so of course we crashed it and posed for photos with the family.

And all along we crossed and recrossed the great Mekong River, such an important and historically significant place. Great dinner last night in this small town, including an amazingly bright purple taro soup, yummy!

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Location:Đường Tân Lộ Kiều Lương,,Vietnam

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