Thursday, July 21, 2011

Afloat with the Warringa Printmakers

Four classes done, two more ahead. Today a day off, until 5pm when we set up again. Everything turned out well in this last class. Most of the students are printmakers, so it was a stretch for many of them to turn on the torches, fire up the palates, and slather their work in hot wax! They forged ahead courageously and made some beautiful work.

At the end of the day, we packed our boxes in record time and set off with our host, Susan, in a pounding rain storm. In fact it poured all day yesterday, so the streets were flooded, and traffic was intense. After dropping off all the equipment at our next venue, we went to Susan's house to feed and walk her little Boston terrier, Lucy.

Finally we three went out to dinner in Susan's neighborhood, Bondi Beach, at a very special and unusual place, The Iceberg Club! This is a members-only club that sits right on the beach. Last night the waves were crashing right into the Iceberg's oceanside pool and washing up to the base of the restaurant. Here, to retain membership in the club, each member must swim in the ice-filled pool at least 4 times each winter! If they fail to do this, their membership is ended. It was a wonderful treat to be taken to this amazing place. Be sure to look at their web site to see the views of the pool, the city skyline, and the beauty of Bondi Beach. We had a delicious steak dinner watching the wild surf, then finally got back to the hotel at about 10pm. Tired but happy!

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