Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Challenging Day

Here are a couple of photos of our great. Little home away from home in Sydney. It is a charming old hotel in a charming neighborhood. Last night there was a fire alarm at 1:30 am which I totally missed. Daniella got up, went out in the hallway, and waited around for the firemen to give the all-clear, but I was so sound asleep I missed the whole event, very unusual for me, a usually light sleeper! I am obviously sleeping well here.

It began to rain heavily here yesterday afternoon, and the rain continued all day today, along with heavy winds. The forecast is for this to continue through the weekend. So much for tucking in a little sightseeing between work hours, but we will try.

We set up our classroom last night, and the space is very good, spacious, warm, plenty of electrical outlets. The location is in Mosman, about 45 minutes from here, across bridges, through tunnels, and out near Manly Beach on the outskirts of Sydney. A very kind woman picks us up in the morning and drives us out there and back again in the evenings. We are seeing a lot of Sydney while driving across it. Frustrating indeed!

We are done with day 1, having a picnic in our room, and watching some Aussie TV. Feels good to relax " at home".

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