Monday, July 18, 2011

OUT and about in Sydney

Went exploring our neighborhood this morning. First stop was for coffee and chai latte at a small coffee shop called The Bunker, a local hangout full of people, dogs, and good cuppas.

Next we went to the National Art School of New South Wales to see a joint Korean/Australian art exhibit.

This school is housed in a former prison (or gaol as it's called here), a massive series of buildings inside a heavily fortified stone wall enclosure.

The skull and bones does not mean that we are at Yale, but is a leftover from prison life.

Next we wandered down to Oxford Street and found ourselves in the equivalent of the Castro, rainbow flags everywhere, gay businesses everywhere, and a thriving gay community.

In the center of this huge square is a monument called Camp Stonewall, a concrete bunker covered with tiles scrawled with gay graffiti and messages, and a sound system broadcasting first-person coming out stories. It was very moving,

Just before lunch we walked back in the other direction from our hotel, and within a few blocks found ourselves in the red light district, King's Cross. Oh, and about two blocks away is the Crest Hotel which offers complete Korean bath house treatments, scrubs, massages, ginseng soaks, etc. We just might have to bite the bullet and try it.

Ate our fabulous Thai leftovers for lunch, now getting ready to go set up the next workshop.

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