Friday, July 29, 2011

Odds and Ends day

We lazed about today, strolled down to Chinatown for lunch. Did a little laundry. Ate a cannoli for a treat. And set up for our sixth and final workshop here in Brizzie.

Tonight we found a place with excellent Korean food, and here is Daniella crying with happiness, or with excessively hot Kim Chee while eating her favorite dish, Kim Chee Chi Gae, best ever outside Korea!

And now for a little musical interlude. It has been pointed out by an Australian friend that my impressions of this country are sadly lacking in any commentary on music. Alas I am ill-equipped in so many ways to say anything at all about music, but she and another new friend have both sent us the same very moving and exciting YouTube clip as a starting off point. I love the music, and most of the performances take place in the elegant Sydney Opera House, where we just visited last week. I will link to it here.

But I will have to admit that my favorite music of all these days is the sound of the birds outside our window in the mornings, so exotic and melodious. We saw two of them singing a duet together this morning. They are Australian magpies - they have grabbed me by the heart! Here is a YouTube somebody recorded that is a near variation of what wakes us up each day so joyously!

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