Saturday, July 30, 2011

OMG - A Huge Surprise Today!!!

We left our funky (but comfortable) B & ( no) B and headed out for our last encaustic class in Australia. We had heard that the class would be small, only 6 enrolled. It's a good thing, because we are in quite a small room, maybe as big as our kitchen at home, very tight quarters. By 10 am everybody had arrived except for "Claudia Schiffer and "Olivia Harris". We waited.

A few minutes later, up drove a big car and out stepped our pals Celia and Sophie, who were our students and wild playmates last weekend in Sydney! It was a huge, rollicking surprise. We were excited to see them, but also wondered how we could make room for two more people in a room so small and crowded. It turns out that they had enrolled under fake names to surprise us. Those rascals were really our Claudia and Olivia. And then the fun began!

It is a very good group. Besides them there are 2 lively professional women artists, one young art student, and a professor (man) from the local art college. Everybody jumped in fearlessly and began right away to paint!

At our lunch break we asked about where we could find something nearby, but Sophie said "oh no, let's go to Chinatown" so we climbed into her car and went on a quick and frightening ride into downtown. She jumped out, marched up to the first Asian person she saw, and asked "where is the best Yum Cha lunch?". We had seen signs for Yum Cha all over Chinatown but didn't know what it was. Turned out it was dim sum, and we had a fantastic banquet, with Sophie impulsively ordering dish after dish of wonderful things. Completely delicious! what a treat!!

We had to race back to the class, a bit late but we made it up at the end. Our students were gracious about it, and the afternoon flew by with much fun and laughter. At the end of the day, Sophie and Celia were ready to play, so we found a place to go for drinks, and then another for a lighter dinner of pizza and rocket salad. We talked and laughed for hours into the night, and finally they drove us back to our hotel. It was like going through a maze - we know how to walk to it, but not how to drive to it, and we circled around it in the dark many times before finally plunging into the little alley that takes us to One Thornbury. What a great day!

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