Saturday, July 09, 2011

Morning in Melbourne, Afternoon in Ballarat

After a great night at the Hotel Victoria, we spent yesterday morning strolling around Melbourne. Since it was Saturday, everybody was relaxed and the sun was shining (hallelujah!). We had breakfast at the Queen Victoria Farmer's Market again then set out strolling. We crossed the Yarra River and went along the Southgate Esplanade, a lovely walkway along the river banks.

There were magicians and mimes, lots of children, and many outdoor eateries. Melbourne has been designated one of the top "slow food"cities in the world. People take their cuisine seriously here, and the opportunities to eat spectacularly well seem endless.

This little knife holder display in a kitchen supply store caught my attention. Good for when you are having "one of those days"!

There are lots of horse and carriage teams in Melbourne. This team was resting under a bridge.

Hilarious street signs everywhere. Watch Daniella's blog for lots of these.

Australia has a big pub culture, due to it's British roots. Old signs like this abound.

The drive up to Ballarat was beautiful, and looked just like California, and then Oregon. Very green, rolling hills, ponds, sheep, gorgeous.

Ballarat is a town founded during Australia's huge gold rush, in the mid and late 1800's, so many historic places here related to gold mining. We are staying at the Ballarat Episcopal Grammar School, a private high school, very posh. We have a student dorm room with two beds, two closets, two desks and there are bathrooms, computers, washer and dryer, and a kitchen downstairs. They are cooking for us too, and last night we had a kind of large dinner served up. There are five classes going on here, in printmaking, collage, and encaustic, and five instructors from Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Germany, and then us. The classroom this time, especially after the stables, is like going to the Hilton!

This morning we unpack our 12 boxes again and set up. Student arrive this afternoon, workshop starts tomorrow! Missing our Desmond and our doggies and our friends. What's new in your world??

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Location:Ballarat, AU

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