Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ballarat: the Set-Up

Today we basically spent all day setting up the classroom for Daniella's workshop, which starts tomorrow morning (Monday). I only took a couple of photos. Here is our little dorm room.

This is a view out our window into one of the many school courtyards. As you can see, today was stormy and cold - but we were so grateful not to be in a stable! Alas, it meant that we were indoors most of the day, not seeing much of Ballarat.

The workshop is in a ceramics studio, in a very snazzy art building.

Here is Daniella contemplating her plans.

Our Internet situation is less than ideal so far. Although there are computers ready to run just outside our bedroom door, the organizers have yet to provide the promised login and password. To compensate, we walk across the street to a McDonalds (ugh!) where there is free wi-fi 24 hours a day. We are locked in to the school from 9 pm until 6 am, just like kids. Our best shot is to get up early in the mornings and run over there. Frustrating, but at least it is something.

In fact this morning I'm feeling like one of those British children who was ripped out of home and sent away to a dank, chilly boarding school, where the headmaster is always lurking around the next corner and a bracing bowl of oatmeal is what there is to look forward to. I'm sure that when the sun comes up it will feel a little better. Apologies for a dreary post.......Please let us know if you are reading our blogs or if we are just broadcasting into the air! Xox
Location:Ballarat, AU

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