Tuesday, July 05, 2011

This One's For Desmond

Today Zuzu and I went to visit some of the animals that live in Australia.  We rode a long train, and then two buses, out into the countryside.  Here are some of the things we saw that we thought you might like to see too:
 This funny sign,             and this big emu
 a big lizard with a collar    and a green snake
 a wallaby                         and some kangaroos

 some cuddly koala bears,  and some dingo dogs
and some sleepy barn owls!
We didn't get pictures of the wooly wombats, the kookaburras, platypus, Tasmanian devils, spiny echidnas, and furry fruit bats hanging upside down by their toes, but we saw all of them too!  We miss you and we hope we can take you here someday. Love and kisses, Keema and Zuzu

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