Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Feeling Better

Things are looking up a bit. A good cup of chai latte and some exhiliratingly blue sky did wonders for my spirits this morning. Today we walked for hours. In fact we walked all the way across Brisbane before we were done, and then part of the way back again.

We headed over to the GOMA, or Gallery of Modern Art. The sculpture below greeted us as we strolled into the big empty plaza outside the museum. The building sits on the bank of the Brisbane River, in a huge complex of art galleries and performing arts venues.

Inside we looked for hours at some wonderful exhibits. The big show was art work from the Torres Straits islanders, people whose homeland is off the coast of Queensland in the direction of Papua, New Guinea. The vibrant works of art shown here are similar to but yet significantly different from Australian aboriginal art. They use strong lines and patterns, but the colors and techniques are completely different. Themes reflect a life in tune with the sea.

This last one is an aboriginal piece that we saw upstairs in the Library adjacent to GOMA.

This photo is for Angela Gleason.

We walked through a big farmers market this morning, and then later went to the area called West End, where many ethnic restaurants and shops are grouped together. Our lunch was Greek, but it was hard to choose from so many nationalities. After a lot more walking (and we were too hot-imagine!) we caught a bus to somewhere reasonably close to our little B &B.
Now we are resting, listening to the exotic and piercing bird calls outside our window.

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Location:Brisbane, AU

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Chris Boutelle said...

What a treat it has been traveling around with you "Down Under." I have always wanted to see Australia, and shall, someday. But first, I have to see Turkey, the beautiful object of your last trip. Chris