Friday, July 01, 2011

Sticker Shock

We saw a headline today announcing that the Australian dollar is at an all-time high in value. The US $ seems worth very little here. Trading today makes our $ worth about 83 cents. We feel it everywhere. The least little thing is about $8. Short train rides (hotel to airport) about $15. No free shuttles. Very sparse free internet.

On the other side, weather is lovely so far, grey but pretty warm (60 ish). Not bad for mid-winter!

Other observations: pony tails are "in" for women of all ages. Food so far is very English, lots of little meat pies, fish and chips, etc. But there is a big Chinatown just down the street from our hotel!

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Mark said...

That is why I hate Australia, all the damned rollerskating rinos!

Mark said...

This is why I hate Australia,all the damned skateboarding rinos!